• This DIY 3 Day Church Youth Camp is designed for Ages K-12 and easy to translate into many languages. (It was originally used in Thailand as a 3 day Mission Camp). It is structured to give affordable ideas and resources to groups wanting to bring Jesus' love in a compact and portable format. All Camps have been fully developed, designed and achieved success on the mission field in Thailand. If we can pack this camp up in four suitcases and take it half way across the world, it can be done any where! The activities are original and structured, yet the lesson time is open for more of your personal touch to be placed for your specific needs. Please consider how your purchase of this camp will also financially support the great work of God's love touching many more!

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  • "Bible Lessons for Children: God's Attributes and Actions" provides 14 biblical, engaging lessons that are ideal for use as children’s sermons, in Sunday school or children’s church, as VBS or children’s club lessons, and in family devotions.Lesson 1. God is Sovereign.Lesson 2. God is Immutable.Lesson 3. God is Omnipresent.Lesson 4. God is Omniscient.Lesson 5. God is Omnipotent.Lesson 6. God is Holy.Lesson 7. God is Love.Lesson 8. God created everything.Lesson 9. God speaks through His eternal Word.Lesson 10. God keeps His promises.Lesson 11. God redeems sinners.Lesson 12. God guides His people.Lesson 13. God provides for His people.Lesson 14. God does good things.

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  • Want to add fun, interactive games to your Christian education program? Has your Sunday school curriculum fallen into a worksheet rut? Do you have active children at your church who are missing out on lessons? Do you need help coming up with custom Vacation Bible School or special event games?Hands-On Sunday School Lessons Volume One: Old Testament Games and Relays is the book for you! Covering some of the major events in the Old Testament, these 25 games will integrate into your existing elementary and junior high programs.Each game includes scripture references, detailed instructions for set up and game play, and notes on best practices and adaptations for special circumstances. The useful appendix even tells you which games are safe for Sunday Best clothing and which are best saved for play clothes events.This affordable addition to your curriculum resources will engage leaders and children in the Bible stories in fun and educational ways.Summer Kinard is a mother of five with over 20 years experience teaching church groups and developing hands-on Bible teaching lessons. She holds Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees from Duke University Divinity School.

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  • “Children’s sermons are always my favorite part of church because you never know what the kids are going to say or do. I also know that these sermons are the toughest to come up with. I asked a retired minister for help and together we have come up with some children’s sermons we felt were worth sharing.” —P. J. Wendelken

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  • 20 Lessons for Preschoolers includes 20 individual lessons, each with one or more key bible verses, a hands-on activity, art project, and some ideas for older children.

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  • Give your kids something fresh and new…Affordable. Impacting. A great way to connect kids with God’s truth.The FLOOD is the first-ever, 3-day "dress-to-get-wet" VBS or summer activity curriculum for elementary-aged students.This digital curriculum pack includes:-Powerful Bible lessons-Engaging water games and fun activities where everything teaches spiritual truth.-An easy way to share the Gospel with Kids-Online access to:--PDF copies to make distribution of lessons easy--Promotional Information--Audio teaching for “Making the Bible Come Alive”, how to lead a child to Christ and more...--Discounted, customized shirts for your next outreach event.--A printable Gospel tract.--Access to extra training, helps and resources.Get ready to get wet, have a great time and learn powerful, Biblical truths!Preview the Lesson Overview below:DAY 1 Bible Story: Jonah Key Point: Jesus is the Best Choice of All Key Verse: Acts 4:12 DAY 2 Bible Story: Jesus Call Disciples Key Point: God Still Calls People Key Verse: Romans 10:13 DAY 3 Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm Key Point: Jesus has Power Over Fear Key Verse: Psalm 56:3

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  • Sunday School Curriculum - Sharefaith Kids VBS Webinar


    Transform your VBS and Sunday School curriculum today with Sharefaith Kids!: https://goo.gl/ZLcijq Sharefaith Kids is proud to present "Kingdom Heroes", our first fully-featured VBS curriculum. This special Sharefaith Academy takes time to explain how this amazing new Sharefaith Kids VBS package...

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    Tips for First Time VBS Directors & Leaders


    As a first-time Vacation Bible School leader, it is up to you to select the curriculum, organize the event and recruit volunteers that will ensure the success of your church's VBS. These tips and resources from curriculum directors will go along way in getting your VBS program off on the right t...

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    Vacation Bible School 2018 God Of Wonders 5 Day VBS | Sharefaith.com


    FREE Vacation Bible School by Sharefaith.com | Learn More: https://goo.gl/4AKpSj Download God Of Wonders Day #1 Now: https://goo.gl/4AKpSj Sign up for Sharefaith Kids today and get the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School 100% FREE! Join Today: https://goo.gl/aSivHm VBS shouldn’t break your ...

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