Building a Life Size TARDIS

    Tardis-cosplay Zum Verkauf

    Just in time for the new series this weekend I help dad make a life size TARDIS prop! ... but it's not bigger on the inside.... however it is built to be flatpacked so it doesn't have to live on the driveway! Patreon: Second Channel:

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    How To Make a sexy TARDIS outfit

    Tardis-cosplay Zum Verkauf

    In which Emily shows you step by step how to transform a blue corset and skirt into a sexy TARDIS cosplay outfit. ~~~~~~~~~~ FAQ: The blue corset was from ($36) and the blue skirts were a one off from ebay ($24).

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    Dr Who & the Tardis Cosplay Costume at Comic Con Salt Lake

    Tardis-cosplay Zum Verkauf

    The most friendly Dalek around. Dr Who was probably the MOST popular costume at Comic Con Salt Lake, probably tied with X-Men's Deadpool.

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