Hazmat suit becomes popular Halloween costume this year

    Radiation Suit Halloween-kostüm

    Halloween is just two weeks away and stores are seeing hazmat costumes fly off the shelves.

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    Some Dallas stores that sell Halloween costumes say hazmat suits similar to the ones worn by health

    Radiation Suit Halloween-kostüm

    FOR CLEAN VERSION SEE STORY NUMBER: apus018874 VOICE OVER: FEAR? OR, HALLOWEEN FRIGHT? AT THIS COSTUME STORE IN DALLAS, IF IT LOOKS LIKE IT FENDS OFF EBOLA, IT'S SELLING FAST. SOUNDBITE: Daniel Roycroft, Costume World: "Anything like that -- that's just been over and over -- you hear in t...

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    Jacks Halloween Costume | Hazmat Hazard

    Radiation Suit Halloween-kostüm

    I am going to show you my 2017 Halloween Costume! In this video I will put on and show you my Halloween Costume. Comment what halloween costume you have this year in the comment section!