• Boomerang the Border Collie loves a good adventure. He has enjoyed some fabulous hikes with his friend Jill. Join him on Mount Sentinel as he explores the amazing trails that crisscross this beautiful mountain!If you love to hike or have admired Mount Sentinel in Missoula, Montana, you might enjoy this book. In it you'll find some history and information about the big, beautiful 'M'-shaped mountain that overlooks the city. You'll get trail information and lots of colorful photos of the spectacular views and the adorably handsome Boomerang.

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  • This is Part 2 of The Never Ending Adventures of Cloud and Penelope series. It deals with the challenges of type 1 diabetes, but also touches on the themes of friendship, loyalty and trust.It begins where Part 1 ended. A devastating earthquake has damaged Paradise Valley. The now homeless unicorns are offered shelter in nearby Missoula Valley. There they are reunited with the griffons and dragons of the once great Kingdom of Dalia.All is going well until Jupiter shows up. He demands his birth-rite as leader of the dragon weyr. Unfortunately, he isn’t very nice about it.As the drama unfolds, Cloud notices young Apollo is showing symptoms of type 1 diabetes. His loved ones join together to get him the medicine he needs. But when he and Cloud venture up Mount Sentinel to gather healthy plants, unforeseen events trap them in a dicey situation.Help is nearer than they think, but will the scheming Jupiter make a bad situation worse?

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  • Our Engagement Party - #TBT | Vlogmas/Vlognukkah Day 7

    Party-shop Missoula

    ***In honor of #TBT and I forgot my memory card for DAY 6 of VLOGMAS, here is a video of our engagement party that we hosted this past August!*** decorations/food/set up put together by the most amazing friends&family make up done by the amazing Nikki Norini (thank you so much and thank you so ...

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    Prohibition Party at Missoula

    Party-shop Missoula

    Thanks for watching! WEBSITE: http://www.socialrobots.uk FB: http://www.facebook.com/socialrobots We occasionally throw videos on here but most of what we get up to is on our website and Facebook...

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    Birthday Surprise

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    The day after Carla's Birthday we decided to throw her a surprise Birthday Party. She was gone all day to Missoula so we took the opportunity to prepare. When she came back we took her out on a boat so people could come in a hide in the house. It worked out perfect!

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