• Southwood is the most glorious horse The Saddle Club girls have ever seen. He has more than athletic talent – he has the heart and soul of a champion. What he doesn’t have is experience, or a rider. Stevie, Carole and Lisa think this horse needs just a chance. If he gets one, Southwood could jump for gold at the world’s most exciting competition.

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  • Loewe ist los VERFeb 12

    Lion Tamer Pferd

    A clear favorite from the Verden Private Stallion show 6th of Feb: Luma and his trainer Mélie Philippot. email for her: [email protected] we wish them a great career :) Thank you for adding such a hilarious note to the evening. Super performance!

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    Namayca Bauer Circus Krone 2014

    Lion Tamer Pferd

    Les petits animaux de la ferme !!


    Exotic Animals Claudio Vassallo 1

    Lion Tamer Pferd

    Claudio Vassallo has a talent which no other tamer in this world has. Coming from a circus descendant family where he had inherited his passion from his Grandfather, Bianco Vassallo and his own father, Eugenio Vassalo, he tames exotic and ferocious animals like lions, tigers and the gigantic hipp...

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