• YOU REMIND ME OF THE BABE When we all heard about the "Goblin King," we all probably thought of a different kind of character.  Perhaps we imagined something grimy and green, living in some disgusting subterranean cave.  Probably stupid, slovenly, wearing tattered leathers that contrasted terribly with stolen gold.  But, when we found our way through the mysterious Labyrinth and came upon the glorious vision of David Bowie, well... that was a life-changer!   Jareth redefines style, grace, magic, and majesty with his iconic look that is basically all of the 1980s blended down and concentrated into a single look!  Can there really be anyone more alluring?  More captivating than the Goblin King!?  Well, whatever chance that anyone else had is completely defeated the minute he starts his Dance Magic!  The power of the babe, Jareth, ensures that all attention is going to be direct right back to... him.  DESIGN & DETAILS Of course, the true identity of the Goblin King is always up for grabs.  Our faction of goblin designers have their hands on the goods and are delighted to offer you this officially licensed Labyrinth Jareth Fancy Dress Costume.  Begin with this long-sleeved shirt with the deepest of V-necks and flowing lightweight lapels.  The vest is a black vinyl shou...

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  • A MAGICALLY ELEGANT KING When someone hears the name "Goblin King," there are several very reasonable images that likely pop into a person's head.  We might picture a short, squat, and probably slime-covered green guy with a penchant for eating bugs and pinching pennies.  And, if they've met Hoggle, they're not too far from the truth.  But, Jareth is a Goblin King that completely redefines the lordly look!  Thanks to the real-life magic of David Bowie, this is a true majestic marvel!  But, it is lonely being a king of the goblins, locked away in a Labyrinth to protect one's heart, living with a bunch of inane critters that are really only good at jumping when they're asked to dance.  And, who can spend all their time flying around as a barn owl just to get a glimpse of the outside world.  Well, kidnapping a kiddo and luring a lass into the Labyrinth probably wasn't the best way to secure a companion queen, but the whole Ball of Dreams was a great idea! DESIGN & DETAILS After conferring with numerous sorceresses and faery critters, our team of dynamic designers have made your dream come true with this officially licensed Jareth Fancy Dress Costume.  This exclusive look is a replication of Jerath's ballroom attire including a silver satin shirt that doesn't skimp on the...

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  • Setzen Sie auf diese Perücke und Sie sind sofort in Pop-Symbol, Tina Turner umgewandelt. Diese Perücke ist der perfekte Weg, um Ihr Kostüm zu vervollständigen. Auch toll für ein David Bowie oder 80's Glam Metal Kostüm.

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  • Die Geschichte und das Labyrinth

    Labyrinth Von Jareth Kostüme

    Die Geschichte und das Labyrinth

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    Klassiker-Faible #04 – Die Reise ins Labyrinth [1986]

    Labyrinth Von Jareth Kostüme

    Durch unsägliche Stunden der Recherche und unzählige Sichtungen haben Anne und ihr Gast Lasse Vogt von “Fans about Films” sich ihren Weg erkämpft bis zum Film Die Reise ins Labyrinth am Rande des Kultstatus, um das Herz zurückzuholen, das ihnen David Bowie gestohlen hat. Denn ihr Wille ist ebenso...


    BAD NEWS! Summoners War Cosplay Not Happening!

    Labyrinth Von Jareth Kostüme

    So this sucks. I found out AFTER I was almost done, that this isn't really a possible costume to do. So oh well.. ---- ►Follow Me On: Twitter @Jei_Cos For Video Topics and Questions: #jeitopics Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeiCosCosplay ►Check Out My New GAMING Channel: Twitter @Jei_Cos (ye...

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