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  • Good Night Halloween features a pumpkin patch, black cat, pumpkin carvers, halloween decorations, halloween treats, candy apples, ghost cookies, halloween costumes, halloween parties, reading haunted stories, a corn maze, a Halloween parade, candy, a hayride, jack-o'-lanterns, glow sticks, and more. Trick or treat! Celebrate the spooktacular spirit of Halloween anytime of year in the pages of this colorful and engaging board book.This book is part of the bestselling Good Night Our World series, which includes hundreds of titles exploring iconic locations and exciting themes.Boo! Children will recognize their favorite Halloween traditions and may even learn a few new ones, all while being gently lulled to sleep.

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  • There are gates around the world that lead to Hell, even one close by. Every generation, from the ancient times to the modern eras have believed in them, and one must remember, whatever can enter these entry ways into the infernal regions below, can also come back out.Two couples, John and Holly Billings, and Josh and Jessica McKenzie, search for the ultimate haunted hayride and find one at Milford Grove Farms in picturesque Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It's one of the best in the country, but sometimes too much of a good time is not always good, and when you think it's over and time to leave, that's when the real ride begins.

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  • Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2018 Opening Night - Inside The Mazes & Scare Zones at Old Abandoned Zoo

    Haunted Halloween-hayride

    A visit to opening night of 2018 Los Angeles Haunted Hayride . Set up on property of the old abandoned zoo in Griffith park it really adds to the experience . I rode the hayride , checked out the scare zones and walked thru the mazes . Opening Night HHN Hollywood 2018 https://youtu.be/0PLAf66kF-...

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    L.A Haunted Hayride 2016 - Spooky Haunted Attraction in Los Angeles

    Haunted Halloween-hayride

    [HD] A Highlights from this year's L.A Hayride 2016. NEW for 2016: "For the first time ever, Hayriders will now leave the safety of their wagons to confront their secret society initiation on foot." - L.A Haunted Hayride website For those who have never been to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride e...

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    Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - Griffith Park, CA

    Haunted Halloween-hayride

    Full Ride on the 2011 Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.The Clifton Twins, daughters of Zoo Keeper Ferdinand Clifton were rumored for years to suffer from violent nightmares so uncontrollable they were treated for sleep disorders. Their Journals, which documented these ghastly visions, were found in th...

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