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  • Die Conners - zu Halloween: schräger und bitterböser geht nicht? Doch die besten acht Halloween Kult-Folgen aller Roseanne-Staffeln auf einer DVD! Von diesem Spaß bleibt niemand verschont!Wieder einmal ist Roseannes Lieblingstag gekommen. Es ist Halloween, die Nacht der Geister und Monster, und die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren. Liebt es doch niemand so wie die Conners, anderen eine fürchterliche Angst einzujagen. Es läuft ein gnadenloser Wettbewerb an, wer wem einen größeren Schrecken einjagen kann. Zu den ersten Opfern von Roseanne und Dan gehören natürlich ihre Kinder.In späteren Jahren trifft Roseanne die Halloween-Geister der Vergangenheit, der Gegenwart und der Zukunft. Und auch während ihrer Schwangerschaft erfährt Roseanne beim Dialog mit den Geistern, dass die Geburt ihres Babys kurz bevorsteht. In der Klinik vermengen sich die Erinnerungen an vergangene Halloween-Feiern mit der Realität…Episoden:01 Staffel 2: Folge 7 "Buh!"02 Staffel 3: Folge 7 "Schreck, lass nach!"03 Staffel 4: Folge 6 "Wie du mir, so ich dir"04 Staffel 5: Folge 7 "Und wieder naht das Grauen"05 Staffel 6: Folge 6 "Wer zuletzt schreckt lacht am besten"06 Staffel 7: Folge 6 "Leichen im Keller"07 Staffel 8: Folge 5 "Grüße von Jerry"08 Staffel 9: Folge 7 "Höllisch blau"

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  • 01. ALL HALLOWSEVE While out on a mission to destroy the Smurfs' Happy Halloween party, Gargamel and the witch Hogatha catch Lazy Smurf, who has been accidentally turned red by Mother Nature. Papa Smurf and the Smurfs help Lazy Smurf escape while Mother Nature has Father Time help turn Lazy Smurf back to blue, just in time for the Halloween party! 02. MONSTER SMURF This is 'Spook-a-Smurf' eve, and all the Smurfs get ready for the fancy dress party. Brainy Smurf gets hold of Papa Smurf's book of magic, and all the Smurfs are magically turned into funny creatures... 03. THINGS THAT GO SMURF IN THE NIGHT When Snappy loses his Huggy teddy bear, he cannot get to sleep. Papa Smurf tries to convince Snappy that teddy bears are magical and they can take care of themselves. Gargamel stumbles into the Smurfs' village and Huggy returns as a giant bear to scare Gargamel away and save Snappy. 04. LURE OF THE ORB Allura the Enchantress possesses a very special magic orb. Its energy, she says, can lift spirits and inspire the uninspired! All you have to do is hold the orb between your hands... It is true the orb bestows inspiration but only up to a point. But its' side effects can be very dangerous, as the Smurfs find out when they become addicted to it... 05. POLTERSMURF There are few things G...

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  • THE POWER RANGERS RISE TO THE RESCUE! The Power Rangers rise and take action and excitement to the next level as Tyler and Ivan put their differences aside to defuse a bomb; Chase races to free his friends from an underground tomb; Prince Phillip learns that he can t buy his way into the Power Rangers; and Riley and Koda restore the team s broken bonds of friends in these dynamic, thrill-filled adventures. Contains episodes 13-17 (Including Halloween Special)

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  • Sooty bets Richard and Sweep that they can't spend the night in a haunted house. But in a bedroom full of creaking armour, hairy spiders and spooky paintings, will they be brave enough to stay? Features Five Fun-filled episodes The Haunted House Fireworks Sooty's Space Rocket The Fancy Dress Party The Genie Includes special bonus scenes!!! Ooh Ahh METAL DETECTING AND MAGIC WISHES

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  • Join Woolly & Tig as they celebrate Halloween with a party, pumpkin lanterns and fancy costumes. For Tig Woolly is the perfect trusted friend. As a comforter, a playmate and a guide Woolly is at hand to help Tig overcome her worries with simple and engaging solutions. Join Tig as Woolly helps her overcome her fear of fireworks & thunder, shows her how to have fun with shadows, helps her with the waiting game and even makes her aware that quiet is more interesting than she might have thought.

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  • Power rangers samurai : special halloween & Noël + Micro figurine Power Rangers EAN : 5021123155021

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  • Halloween TV Specials

    Halloween-tv-specials Dvd

    James and Mike talk about the horror-themed TV episodes of our past, including sitcoms like Roseanne, Home Improvement, and Charlie Brown's classic The Great Pumpkin. #retro #retrogaming #nes #snes #jamesrolfe #mikematei #atari #playthrough #gameplay #gamereview

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    Halloween | Trailer | Own it now on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital

    Halloween-tv-specials Dvd

    Blu-ray Bonus Features Include: - Deleted/Extended Scenes - Back in Haddonfield: Making Halloween - The Original Scream Queen - The Sound of Fear - Journey of the Mask - The Legacy of Halloween Website: http://uni.pictures/Halloween Trailer: http://uni.pictures/HalloweenTrailer Facebook: https:...

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    HALLOWEEN | Bonus Features Compilation for Digital/Blu-Ray DVD Release

    Halloween-tv-specials Dvd

    Halloween Bonus Features Compilation for Digital/Blu-Ray DVD Release SUBSCRIBE to MOVIE trailers: http://bit.ly/SubFIN and RING THE BELL !! WATCH #BestNewTrailers: http://bit.ly/TrailerFIN LISTEN to our Chill-Out Music Channel: http://bit.ly/SoothingBeatsFIN Laurie Strode comes to her final conf...

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