• Exclusive item from the Universal Studios theme park for the 2015 25th anniversary Halloween Horror Nights;This is the limited edition black color version. First released on October 14th, 2015;Made of metal and measures approx. 1.75 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide;Tack pin with star-shaped pin back

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  • The book tells the stories and explains the legends behind the some of the greatest movie monsters in history. Charting their history from myths and fables told over the centuries, the author guides the reader from the past to the present day, as the Universal Monsters prepare to return to the silver screen for their biggest adventures yet. The classic Universal Monsters have been scaring and delighting audiences for decades. But did you know that these maniacal creeps have been frightening people throughout history? Find out about all the old world folk stories, legends and myths before discovering what lies in store for the future of Universal's Monsters. Universal Monsters: Origins is written by Christopher Ripley author of the Survivor's Guide to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights.

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  • - Material: 100% Baumwolle- Ärmelart: kurzarm- Passform: bequem sitzend- Textilpflege: Maschinenwäsche- Ausschnitt: Rundhals

    • Color: Schwarz
    • Brand: Universal Studios
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  • Material: 100% Baumwolle

    • Color: Schwarz
    • Brand: Universal Studios
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  • Trick or Treat Studios and Universal Studios are proud to present the Official Halloween II Vacuform Michael Myers Mask! This mask is a beautiful replica of the mask worn by one of the most famous movie serial killers of all time, in Universal's Halloween II, a spine-tingling dark ride into the scariest night of the year. The mask is made from Vacuform, which is a hallow plastic connected with an elastic band, a true throwback to Halloween Masks of the 1960's. The Official Halloween II Vacuform mask was based on numerous screen shots from Halloween II to make it the most realistic mask released.

    • Color: Weiß
    • Brand: Halloween
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  • If you're brave enough to attend Universal‘s Halloween Horror Nights, you better believe you'll need a survival guide. And if you’ve read the Orlando version of this book then you need to see how the event started and how it spread across the globe. Complete with a detailed history of each location, this book is all that stands between you and them. For over 30 years, Universal's Halloween Horror Nights has been the globe’s premier Halloween event spreading to Orlando, Hollywood, Across 12 US States, Europe (Spain), Singapore and Japan. You won't find Mickey there (he's too scared!), but you will find the bloodiest, goriest, most intense thrills of your life. Skipping Orlando (that’s in the other book), Christopher Ripley pulls back the shroud and tells the history of every HHN location around the Universal globe showing how their unique brand of horror is truly a global phenomenon to be reckoned with.Some of the great tales inside include:• Discover how Halloween Horror Nights is now a true global spectacle• Which 12 US states other than California and Florida have hosted HHN haunts• Read all about the two lost years of HHN that are recorded nowhere in the history books or online• How a HHN maze became an actual movie!• How Wrestling and Rock Music have been...

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  • Promotion - KOSTENLOSER Versand für Bestellungen über EUR 29 in unserem Shop.Beruf - Es gibt ungefähr 150 Länder, 1000 Städte, mehr als 3.000 Artikel in unserem Shop. Suchen Sie die Marke "weekino souvenir" oder             klicken Sie auf den Shopnamen, um mehr anzuzeigen.

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  • Skurriler Stop-Motion-Animationsfilm vom innovativen Nightmare Before Christmas-Regisseur Henry Selick nach einer modernen Märchengeschichte von Neil Gaiman (Der Sternwanderer

    • Brand: Universal
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  • This bag would make a great gift. It's sure to be a hit with anyone. Especially kids and tweens.Suitable for Travel, Sports, Gym, Yoga, Running, Training, Swimming, Dance, and so on in daily life.Make you store things quickly and take them in and out easily.Can free up your hands and help you reduce your shoulder burden

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  • Diese Halskette kennzeichnet Elsa Lanchester als "The Bride of Frankenstein" ("Frankensteins Braut") aus dem klassischen Film von 1935 aus Universal Studios. Das Bild hat hat eine hochwertige, langlebige Oberfläche und befindet sich in einer wunderschön dekorierten antiken Silber-Anhängerhalterung, die 39x29 mm misst. Dieser Entwurf ist auch in einer einfachen versilberten Anhängerhalterung (25x18 mm) erhältlich, wenn Sie bevorzugen. Dieses schöne Design gibt es an einer versilberten Panzerkette in folgenden Größen: 40,5 cm 45,5 cm 61 cm Wenn Sie eine andere Größe möchten, können alle unsere Halsketten auf Anfrage in beliebiger Länge hergestellt werden. Der passende Ring ist in unserem Amazon-Store erhältlich. Geschenke Alle unsere Schmuckstücke sind wunderschön präsentiert und bereit, als Geschenk zu geben. Es wird entweder in eine schimmernde Organza-Geschenktüte oder Geschenkbox gelegt und mit kleinen silbernen Sternen besprüht. Bitte senden Sie mir eine Nachricht, wenn Sie eine Präferenz haben.

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