• From 1985 comes Garfield's Halloween Adventure! Rudely awakened on the morning of October 31st by the Binky the Clown Show, Garfield is thrilled to find out it is Halloween! He immediately goes into preparation, after another cat nap and breakfast that is. With faithful Odie alongside to increase Garfield's candy collecting, the anxious cat selects pirate costumes for the pair and off they go! Little do they know that their night of successful candy collecting will eventually wind them up in a creepy old house lived in by a creepy old man and haunted by some REAL pirate ghosts! Very rare out of print film, this was originally broadcast on TV in 1985. All-Region disc will play in DVD players around the world. Features the first appearance of Binky the Clown. Features a song by Lou Rawls! Won an Emmy award for Outstanding Animated Film.

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  • Garfield's Halloween Adventure (special episode, 1985)

    Garfield Halloween-tv-special

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    Garfield's Halloween Adventure - CBS Special (Oct.23,1986)

    Garfield Halloween-tv-special

    CBS - WSAW 7 - Garfield's Halloween with Commercials (2nd TV Airing - Thursday Oct.23,1986)

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    Here Comes Garfield

    Garfield Halloween-tv-special

    The first Tv special starring the rotund comic strip staple Garfield the cat. Here he and his dull-witted canine cohort Odie end up at the pound. Air Date: 1982.